No coding was done today.  However, a realisation was made.  It was simply that Python is in fact an excellent language for prototyping games.  For a while, I thought I had wasted a month working on the Python version, learning the wrong tools.  However, it did produce  a working prototype of Explore!'s basic play with minimal effort. All is not lost.  For anyone with the technical inclination, and the desire to enjoy it, here is a .zip file of the final Python prototype.  All planned future work will be in JavaScript for the web.

Matt Ahlschwede 7/26/02014

From scratch

After spending some time with a couple JavaScript frameworks, and not having any luck with them, I decided to build the next version of Explore! from scratch.  Using only JavaScript, HTML, and my wits, I have put Ranger Dan back on the screen, and he's already moving around.  

Matt Ahlschwede 7/24/02014