From scratch

After spending some time with a couple JavaScript frameworks, and not having any luck with them, I decided to build the next version of Explore! from scratch.  Using only JavaScript, HTML, and my wits, I have put Ranger Dan back on the screen, and he's already moving around.  

Matt Ahlschwede 7/24/02014

Productively unproductive

So, there I was coding along, merrily implementing menus and a ban on fighting at Stonehenge. . . when I innocently started watching a keynote address from a Python conference, and was forced to realize that the possibility of ever getting my python code into a readily distributable form was vanishingly small.  At least, I got the experience of writing the game.  Now I have a design, it's just going to get ported to JavaScript is all.  Everything is on the web now anyway.  ugg.

At least I did make some art for a shark mob.


Matt Ahlschwede 7/22/02014

Productive day

Today was busy.  The day's additions to Explore! include: new land, new treasure, and new landmarks.  The best looking of these is the mountain peak (see the picture), which allows for the best view of the landscape.  Also added, was the ruby, (like the gem, only red, it is worth 800 points), and the cactus land (look out it's pointy). 

Matt Ahlschwede 7/21/02014

Another look

I had a good long think today about the design hook I came up with yesterday.  Instead of breaking the project at the current state, I have opted to continue on, for now. . . with modifications.  Good things that came with this re-imagining include the scoring system I have just introduced into the code base, and my new-found knowledge of JavaScript.  JavaScript seems to integrate the best (in my opinion) elements of Java and Python in a web-friendly package.  It seems that yesterday's "new direction", is today's new imagining.  Explore! is still alive and kicking, with an improved story-line.  More to come. . .


Matt Ahlschwede 7/20/02014