Virtual nakedness!

MAGE does a new trick.  Tonight, I modified the sprite sheet for the player characters and the code a bit so now player characters are visually composed from a base "naked" sprite, overlaid with a sprite of an outfit.  The main reason for this is to support the addition of new clothing, and specifically clothing options that will go along with different character specializations.  Ranger is a start, but other types of explorer come to mind.  I want to add a diver for aquatic exploration, a big game hunter to specialize in fighting mobs, and a lumberjack specializing in forestry.  Probably with even more following on.

Matt Ahlschwede 10/21/02014 

Movement and Elephants

Today, basic movement is working in MAGE.  Also, I went back into Explore!, and added a new mod, an elephant.  The elephant is currently very hard to survive an encounter with, maybe to the point of needing some adjustment.  Here is a picture of two of them trampling Ranger Dan.

Matt Ahlschwede 10/20/02014

variety pack

The rendering of units and items has been combined into a more flexible combined method that will allow for adding different kinds of game elements later on.  Further research has been done on inheritance and encapsulation, and some things are starting to take shape.  MAGE forges ahead.

Matt Ahlschwede 10/19/02014


Items are go

The news from MAGE-land: Item rendering is working fine.  It was a lot easier than the landmarks last night.  More could have been done tonight, but weariness is cutting things short.  Better to get some rest and come back stronger tomorrow.  Good night.

Matt Ahlschwede 10/16/02014