campfires, planting trees and some menus

Much work got done today.  The organization of the buttons at the bottom of the screen is substantially better, being divided into separate menus for general use items, footwear, and forestry functions.  The most work got done on the forestry side of things, with options now available to plant trees (by using some of the wood gained from chopping them down), and build campfires (also expending wood).  Campfires are mainly a way to deal with mobs without fighting them, as nearly all the mobs are afraid of fire, and will flee the vicinity of a campfire.  Campfires also illuminate a ring of tiles around them, so that those tiles and their contents remain fully visible, even when the player is elsewhere on the screen.  This effect also makes fires useful for marking a trail as you explore.  Lava tiles now are illuminated as well, but do not light up any other squares.


One final note: testing has revealed a significant indicator that dynamic terrain is working as intended.  The desert map now shows large, multi-tile oases forming around water squares.  


Matt Ahlschwede 8/30/02014

Fresh from the virtual oven

This week's prototype features some player interface enhancements.  The HP, AP, and HYD meters change color to indicate state (Green, Yellow, Red).  An indicator shows what footwear is being worn. Dynamic terrain is back (forest growth, desertification, and beach formation), as is the Axe item, which allows the chopping down of trees.  The Narwhal is a new mob, and various miscellaneous tweaks.

To try it out, download:                                                                                   Then, simply unzip the folder and open index.html in your browser.

Happy Exploring!

Matt Ahlschwede 8/29/02014

Night of the Narwhal

Tonight, Explore! gained an awesome new mob:  The Narwhal.  The Narwhal is a whale with a single long tooth pointing straight out of its head, earning it the nickname "Unicorn of the sea".  It also has the best defense score of any of the mobs.

Also, did some clarifying of rules regarding where mobs start out, and limited the movements of certain mobs to remain on land.

Matt Ahlschwede 8/28/02014

canvas complete

The migration of the buttons to the canvas element is done.  Almost everything seems to be working as it did before.  There were a few alterations that have occurred as a result, but these are mostly either temporary, or stepping stones to improvements.  

Matt Ahlschwede 8/27/02014

Another evening in the code mine

Tonight:  re-implemented dynamic terrain (from the PyGame prototype). Now forests will grow and deserts will expand as time goes by.  This is tied to the changing of the seasons.  Also got started migrating the buttons over to a canvas element, which will mean more flexibility and fewer files. 

Matt Ahlschwede 8/26/02014