Field Guide

Tonight, I added a much requested/needed feature to Explore!.  The new Field Guide allows you to click any tile on the main display, and the score-keeping area shows what kind of land is present, what landmark, what mob is there and what item is present.  Right now it just shows the name of each item and its picture.  Later, I plan to allow clicking on the picture to give more detailed information.  This should help players understand what is going on in the game better.

Matt Ahlschwede 9/16/02014

This and That

Made some minor improvements to Explore! tonight.  The display of remaining Action Points has been improved.  The freezing of water tiles now happens progressively over the winter(except in arctic maps), and water tiles now thaw out in the spring.  That's about it.

Matt Ahlschwede 9/15/02014

Paths, Streams and Trails

Nary a hiking/exploration simulator would be complete without paths, streams or trails.  Tonight, the capability to add these features has been implemented in the code.  It uses the same line-drawing algorithm that was recently used to update the mobs, so all of these features at present will be straight lines.  Streams are lines of fresh water tiles, paths are lines of gravel tiles, and trails are lines of dirt tiles.  The dirt tiles don't last because the dynamic terrain rules allow vegetation to grow over bare dirt, so I also added the ability to have a trail made from special immutable dirt that remains as dirt indefinitely.   Look for these in the next prototype.


Matt Ahlschwede 9/12/02014 

Forests and Metal Detectors

Two new additions to Explore!, tonight.  First, the new Metal Detector can uncover hidden items.  Metallic items it can uncover include coins, binoculars, telescopes, knives, axes,crowns, canteens, and other metal detectors.  It can either be used as an action (to uncover items within a 3x3 square area), or used as equipment to uncover items as you travel (this comes at the cost of a significant fighting penalty).  The second addition is the forest map.  This map is covered in trees, and inhabited by bears and Sasquatch.  

Matt Ahlschwede 9/10/02014