An inkling of animation

I had an idea today about how to incorporate some basic animation into MAGE, basically moving a character smoothly from one square to the next, instead of sudden jumping.  I got the underpinnings working, but the final implementation didn't work as planned. Perhaps the answer is more research on the setTimeout() function.  That seems to be the hangup. . .

Matt Ahlschwede 10/28/02014

Half-sized menu, etc

The game engine is coming along.  Today, I created a half-size menu for presenting options during play.  It is smaller, so you can still see your character while selecting an option.  The main use it is intended for is offering interaction options.  For example, moving into a square with a mob in it, this menu could give options to fight, keep your distance, or try to sneak past.  Also did some work on the visibility system, and spent a lot of time tracking down some elusive bugs.  Another one in the books.

Matt Ahlschwede 10/27/02014

Character classes

Tonight, MAGE/Explore! now has some character classes to pick from.  The Ranger, the Lumberjack, and the Diver.  Each one will have special abilities unavailable to the others, but at present, they are just placeholders.  Also added a new menu type that renders the character in the appropriate outfit as a selection is being made.  Also did some work on the main map rendering, to ensure the character doesn't move under the controls most of the time, and re-organized some things, and updated the repository.  Much was accomplished.

Matt Ahlschwede 10/25/02014