Tree sprites

Not a lot of work on code lately, but I have made some test sprites for individual trees.  I'd like to do a fractal map for a future implementation of Explore!, so it will include smaller features like single trees.  The concept I am starting with is to create a layered sprite for each tree, with separate sprites for: Branches and trunk, early spring foliage, filled in summer foliage, partial autumn foliage, and full autumn foliage.  Additional layers include flowers, fruit and snow.  here is a basic test sprite sheet:  

Matt Ahlschwede 11/24/02014


Reading on software design patterns has led me to the Model/View/Controller pattern.  This is a very useful concept.  I haven't tried it out yet, but have read enough to see how it works.  My plan is now to do a full re-write of Explore! using MVC, and then to go back and use it to re-write Cellular Explorer.  

Matt Ahlschwede 11/21/02014

Continuing research, etc

I've been reading up on design patterns for software development.  Got some good ideas, unfortunately, the book is mostly concerned with Java, but some of it will work with JavaScript.  Tonight, I created some new sprites for the Quantum Splat project, and played some Dwarf Fortress.  Wow, Dwarf Fortress has a serious learning curve, it is almost as much work as game development.  It is a deep, deep game.

Matt Ahlschwede 11/17/02014