Landmarks, etc.

Landmarks are back, and thanks to the magic of JavaScript, they will be better than ever.  Now landmarks will come in a variety of sizes, allowed by scaling the graphics.  In other news, the game will have to find a different host from the main site when it goes online, but it can still link up.  Also, I am registered to take part in a Game Jam on Saturday. 

Matt Ahlschwede 7/30/02014

Another solid day

Today's additions to the web edition of Explore! included control work (added control buttons beneath the main display). Added items back in, the gem and the telescope are done.  Action Points and turns are implemented.  Laid the groundwork for mobs and fighting, too.

I'm also concocting the game's back-story as I work.  Right now, the scenario is that you are a park ranger who stumbles across a portal to a parallel universe in the woods.  What's on the other side of it?  Time to Explore!

Matt Ahlschwede 7/28/02014


No coding was done today.  However, a realisation was made.  It was simply that Python is in fact an excellent language for prototyping games.  For a while, I thought I had wasted a month working on the Python version, learning the wrong tools.  However, it did produce  a working prototype of Explore!'s basic play with minimal effort. All is not lost.  For anyone with the technical inclination, and the desire to enjoy it, here is a .zip file of the final Python prototype.  All planned future work will be in JavaScript for the web.

Matt Ahlschwede 7/26/02014