Character classes

Tonight, MAGE/Explore! now has some character classes to pick from.  The Ranger, the Lumberjack, and the Diver.  Each one will have special abilities unavailable to the others, but at present, they are just placeholders.  Also added a new menu type that renders the character in the appropriate outfit as a selection is being made.  Also did some work on the main map rendering, to ensure the character doesn't move under the controls most of the time, and re-organized some things, and updated the repository.  Much was accomplished.

Matt Ahlschwede 10/25/02014

Good stuff.

Got some good work done on the MAGE project today.  A basic version of the visibility system is up and running.  The map has taken the important step of becoming larger than the screen, with display-shifting based on movement (this always seems to be an important part of the builds).  To top it off, the code that has been written so far is now up on GitHub as a backup, and is available to anybody who is interested.

Matt Ahlschwede 10/24/02014

Menu Support

Tonight in MAGE, basic menu support is back and more robust than ever.  MAGE is shaping up to include a substantial improvement in the class structure over the previous versions of Explore!, including classes to hold menu options, simple images, and other specialized objects.    Life is good.


Matt Ahlschwede 10/23/02014

Virtual nakedness!

MAGE does a new trick.  Tonight, I modified the sprite sheet for the player characters and the code a bit so now player characters are visually composed from a base "naked" sprite, overlaid with a sprite of an outfit.  The main reason for this is to support the addition of new clothing, and specifically clothing options that will go along with different character specializations.  Ranger is a start, but other types of explorer come to mind.  I want to add a diver for aquatic exploration, a big game hunter to specialize in fighting mobs, and a lumberjack specializing in forestry.  Probably with even more following on.

Matt Ahlschwede 10/21/02014 

Movement and Elephants

Today, basic movement is working in MAGE.  Also, I went back into Explore!, and added a new mod, an elephant.  The elephant is currently very hard to survive an encounter with, maybe to the point of needing some adjustment.  Here is a picture of two of them trampling Ranger Dan.

Matt Ahlschwede 10/20/02014