Hibernating Bears

Tonight, I started a project to write specific personalities to go with different types of mobs.  I started with bears, and I added a new behavior, and a new sprite to go with it.  When winter comes, the bears fall fast asleep.  The bears remain in hibernation until they resume their normal activities (wandering around, eating sandwiches and getting into fights) in the spring. Ahh, nature!

Matt Ahlschwede 10/2/02014

Hydration display

In order to continue making Explore! more intuitive, the Hydration display now appears in the form of a series of canteen icons that fill up or empty as the player's hydration score changes.  Also made some adjustments to the trail-making code. Things are moving along.


Matt Ahlschwede 9/29/02014

The latest prototype

Here is the latest prototype of Explore!.  There's a lot of new stuff:  a mini-map to make navigation easier,  heart icons to track Hit Points, red borders now appear around buttons it they can not be used, and a couple new terrain types (sand hills, and wooded hills).  Click the link to download, then simply unzip, and open index.html to try it out.  Explore_dev39.zip


Matt Ahlschwede 9/28/02014

Heart icons

A long-time item on the to-do list got crossed off tonight.  The HP display in Explore! has been replaced with heart icons.  It is possible to have up to 4 hearts of health in Explore!, because the display area is only so big, but it seems like about the right number for the game as it stands.  Hit point adjustments are now shown by red hearts being filled from the top with black (taking damage), or black hearts filled from the bottom with red (healing). The graphics may need a little more adjustment, but this is basically done.

Matt Ahlschwede 9/26/02014